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Meet Amos

Amos Davidowitz was born in New York and grew up in the within the Jewish Conservative Movement, the son of a rabbi. When he was eleven, his parents divorced and he moved to Israel with his mother and siblings to live in Tel Aviv. During his high school years, he was the deputy youth mayor of Tel Aviv for social services, focusing on juvenile delinquents. Later on after moving to Ramat Hasharon, he became the head of the student council for the duration of his studies, and the youth commander of the civil guard youth.

Amos was drafted in 1976 into the armor corps and received his commission in 1979. He served all his service, until today, in combat field positions and fought during the first and second Lebanese wars, the first and second Intifada and numerous other missions. His form of commanding troops and the relationships he forged with his soldiers stood out among reserve units and were frequently cited as exceptionally effective.

During the first Intifada, Amos became aware of the fact that armed conflict cannot solve issues and decided to focus his life to education. He became the national educational director of the scouts in Israel, and from that became involved in international peace and development programs, focusing on work with the Israeli Arab conflict. He directed The Youth Institute that was chosen as a model of international youth work by the EXPO 2000 and coordinated AllinPeace, a multinational youth sports program that was honored by the UN. Be-sides projects he also deals with individual hardships of Palestinians, providing food and technical assistance when needed.

Amos is very involved in the security aspects of Israel, and command-ed the anti-terror rapid response team in his regional council. He has recently been chosen to command the volunteer border police units in the center of Israel and has been commissioned as a police superintendent.

Amos works as a tour guide in Israel. He lives on Kibbutz Gezer and is a member of the executive council of his community. He is married to Lisa and has three amazing children.

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